What is dental implant
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What is dental implant
Oct 17, 2021
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There are several methods for tooth restoration. One of the treatment methods for dental implants is implants. In this method, the empty spaces of the teeth are filled with veneers. After this treatment, your teeth will look exactly like natural teeth and you will not feel any difference from natural teeth. If you also want to repair your damaged teeth, we suggest you to use this method.
In this article, we want to introduce you to this new method of tooth replacement. Join us below.

What is a dental implant?

There are several methods for tooth restoration. One of the treatment methods for dental implants is implants. In this method, the gaps of the teeth are filled with veneers. After this treatment, your teeth will look exactly like natural teeth and you will not feel any difference from normal teeth. If you also want to repair your damaged teeth, we suggest you to use this method.

In this article, we want to introduce you to this new method of tooth replacement. Join us below.


What is a dental implant?

You may also have tooth decay over time. Sometimes the situation may be such that it is not possible for you to have a tooth straightened. In such a situation, you have to pull your own teeth. Tooth gaps in your mouth do not look good. For this purpose, it is better to use dental implant methods.

One of the best ways to replace defective or missing teeth is to use an implant. Using this method will bring you natural teeth. One of the positive features of this dental implant method is that the tooth is fixed; So you no longer need to pull it out like a denture.

However, in the past, there were different methods for implanting teeth. But in most of these methods, the person's teeth were movable; So it caused a lot of problems when eating. But in this new method, the person no longer needs to have his teeth extracted and can eat his food as easily as possible. In addition, it does not give the person the feeling of dentures and you will not feel any difference with natural teeth.


This method uses strong metal screws that are highly compatible with the human body. These screws are placed under your gums with a very comfortable and painless surgery. Once in place, it allows the dentist to place dentures on the implant cover. In fact, it replaces the root of your decayed tooth, making it easier to place the tooth with the strong foundation it creates.


In what cases is it better to use dental implants?

In the past, most people had to use dentures to fill in the gaps in their gums. Prosthetic teeth often caused problems for many patients due to their many problems and poor appearance.

But today, with this method, you will no longer have to worry about dental problems. If in the past the loss of one or more teeth made eating and other living conditions difficult and unbearable for you, but this way will bring you satisfaction. Implantology is one of the newest technologies in the world, which by placing screws in the jaw area, brings you uncomplicated and not so difficult treatment.


In fact, it plays the same role as your main teeth. Because it has exactly the characteristics of the root and crown of your teeth. As a result, if you are looking for a suitable method of root canal replacement, the implant method is a good option because it will replace your tooth. The best time to use this method is to have one of the following conditions:

● If you have lost one or more of your teeth in an accident, the best way to replace this tooth is to use this method.

● If you have lost one or more of your teeth as a child and your adjacent teeth have been displaced, an inappropriate space is created. You can use dental implants this way to fill these gaps.

If some of your teeth have congenital problems, using this method will fill the empty space between your teeth well.

● If your missing tooth has created an inappropriate appearance, we recommend tooth implantation to have a beautiful smile.

In which case the dental implant method will fail

Although implants are a permanent and appropriate method for dental implants, they are not always successful for everyone. Among the unsuccessful causes of this method are the following:

● People who have a history of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or are undergoing such treatments, are very unlikely to have a successful dental implant.

● If you have osteoporosis or other similar conditions, the duration of this procedure may not be long.

● People whose gums are not perfectly healthy or whose jaw bones are not very strong and cohesive may have difficulty performing this procedure.

● If you smoke or use other tobacco, the chances of success of this treatment are very low.

● If you are taking medicines containing bisphosphonates, we do not recommend this treatment.

If you do not observe your oral health after implant placement, the life of this method will not be long.

In case of improper surgery, this treatment method may be rejected.

Any damage to the tooth after surgery with the help of this method will cause your tooth to be destroyed.


Types of dental implants

This method is done in one step and several steps. The choice of the appropriate method is made only on the basis of expert opinion. As the name implies, a one-step procedure involves surgery and dental stitches in only one step. But for the multi-stage method, more sessions are needed to complete the treatment stage. In general, dental implants include the following:

Only one tooth falls out: Sometimes one of your front teeth may have fallen out. In such cases, some people use the bridge method to fill this empty space. In this method, the dentist has to cut the adjacent teeth. As a result, your healthy teeth may be damaged, causing decay or bone loss over time.

But in the implant method, the adjacent teeth will not be damaged and your bones will not be damaged.

Several teeth falling out: Some people use removable dentures to solve this problem. Although this method does not require grinding other teeth, it puts a lot of pressure on adjacent abutments.

As a result, over time, your healthy teeth will loosen and cause tooth decay. However, implant placement preserves both the appearance of the tooth and reduces the damage to other teeth to zero.

Tooth loss of all teeth: In case of loss of all teeth, some fully removable dentures are used. Difficulty speaking, loose prosthesis in the mouth, etc. are among the problems that these people struggle with. However, none of these diseases are present in the implant method, and after implanting a tooth with this method, beauty returns to your face.

Necessary pre-dental care

If you are planning to have dental implant surgery this way, it is best to do some work to prepare yourself as much as possible before the treatment. Preoperative dental implant care includes the following:

 Before any treatment, you should discuss your specific medical condition with your doctor. These items are very important in compiling your dental file. If you have an underlying disease, it is best to discuss it with your dentist. The success of this surgery depends on your condition; So your general condition can increase the success rate of this operation.

 Before dental implant surgery, your gum doctor will examine you to make sure they are in perfect health. This is because the presence of infection or decay in the gums or teeth must be completely eliminated before the implant.

. After the dentist has made sure that the oral tissues at and around the implant are healthy, he or she will ask you for a special radiographic scan called CBCT or DVT. You can get this scan from specialized orthodontic radiology centers.

● The height and thickness of the bone, the passage of important nerves, sinuses, the best size, the correct location of the tooth, etc. are among the items that are determined through this scan.

● The last step before dental implant surgery is to check your specific medical condition. If you have a history of a disease such as high blood pressure, a history of organ transplantation, a history of heart attack and stroke, etc., or you are taking certain medications, all of these factors can affect your treatment process. If necessary, the dentist will discuss your condition with another doctor.


Types of dental implants scientifically

In different situations, people have to have implant surgery. These methods include the following:

Intraosseous method: It is one of the most famous dental implant methods. This method uses a screw that is inserted into the bone.

Subperiosteal method: If the mandibular bone of your face is very severely degraded, it is better to use the subperiosteal method. This method uses a structure that is placed on the lower jaw and under the gums. The dentist then places the radial structure on it.

Zygomatic method: If your upper jaw bone is severely degenerated, a metal structure is used. This metal structure is screwed to your cheekbones.

Of course, it is important to note that today there are a variety of methods for bone grafting to reconstruct the jawbone; So now the last two methods are not widely used.

The process of dental implant surgery

The duration of implant surgery depends on the number and complexity of the operation. For example, several teeth may be in one operation. In such cases, your action is longer than usual.

The procedure for this surgery includes the following:

● The dentist uses local anesthesia to perform this procedure; So you are awake during the operation and you hear all the movements and sounds of the dentist but you will not feel any pain. If you have a lot of anxiety, we recommend that you use a sedative to reduce stress during the procedure and relax enough. This condition helps the dentist to act more calmly.

 After complete gingival anesthesia, the dentist makes an incision in your gums. It also makes a small hole in your jawbone. He then inserts the screw into this hole.

. In some cases, the dentist can perform the implant for you in one session. In such cases, both the extraction of the damaged tooth and the implantation of the tooth during a surgery. Of course, it should be noted that this operation is not always possible for everyone, and the dentist does this by examining the conditions.

If a one-step dental implant is not possible for you, you will need to have it done over several months. For example, after extraction of teeth, implantation for maxillary teeth takes about 3 to 6 months and mandibular teeth between 2 to 4 months. This method is called delay.

In certain special circumstances, the dentist will perform a complete anesthesia for you. Of course, all these steps must take place in a specialized center.

The difference between immediate dental implants and delayed dental implants

In a one-step or immediate implant procedure, the dentist places the rods and joints between the prosthesis and the implant at the same time. In such cases, after the implant surgery, you can easily see the appendages in your mouth.

But in a two-step or delayed procedure, the dentist first inserts a rod under your gums. Of course you will not be able to see this bar. After two to three months, you have to wait for the gums and bones to repair. After that, you will have surgery again. Of course, this surgery is a little lighter than the last time and the dentist connects the joints to the rod.

You will receive the final prosthesis two to four months after the initial surgery. Of course, you can use other prostheses such as temporary, removable, fixed, etc. to make it easier to chew food or beautify your face until the final prosthesis comes. These prostheses help fill in the gaps in your missing teeth so that your condition improves slightly.


Post-implant care

After dental implant surgery, it is better to take the necessary care so that your operation is done well. These include the following:

After this surgery, you need to rest until the anesthetic effect of your teeth completely disappears and your mouth returns to its original state. The anesthetic effect of this surgery may last for several hours; So do not worry. If you need painkillers, you can also use the appropriate medication under the supervision of a doctor to completely eliminate the effects of anesthesia.

● If you have local anesthesia for this operation, you can easily return home. But if you are anesthetized for dental implant surgery, it is best to have it with you to help you get home. It is also best to have someone take care of you at home to completely eliminate the effects of anesthesia.

Adequate rest after implant surgery is very important. It is better to use soft and watery foods. We also recommend that you do not eat hot foods or drinks at all until the anesthetic effect has completely disappeared. Because your mouth is numb and you will not notice the heat of the food. As a result, your mouth may burn.

After this surgery, as before, you should observe your oral hygiene. For this purpose, we recommend using a toothbrush and toothpaste. Of course, to make it easier to clean your teeth, we suggest that you use special toothbrushes so that you can clean between your teeth more easily.

After this procedure, it is better to stop smoking and alcohol in general.

Benefits of dental implants

Although this treatment is very expensive for dental implants, but the benefits of this method have made most people turn to this method of dental implants. Among the advantages of this method are the following:

Ease of use, high resistance to fractures, easier eating, and the extraordinary beauty of the teeth are some of the reasons why patients prefer implant treatment to other dental implants such as fixed bridges or removable dentures. These teeth will become like a natural tooth if you maintain good oral hygiene after the operation.

Unlike other methods, teeth adjacent to a missing tooth will not be sacrificed. In other methods, however, the healthy lateral teeth decay after a while.

● The life of this treatment is much longer compared to other methods. Also, if it is lost, you can easily replace it again.

This treatment is one of the fastest ways to replace a lost tooth. Especially if you do not have gum problems and your bones are in perfect health, you can easily and quickly replace a missing tooth.

In this method, the metal base of the work, like the root of the tooth, is placed inside the gingival bone. As a result, your jawbone does not degenerate due to implant support. One of the positive effects of this condition is not changing the shape of the face.


Disadvantages, problems, complications and disadvantages of this method of dental implantation

Despite all the advantages of this method, it also has its problems. Of course, to reduce the complications of this method, it is better to avoid visiting a non-specialist dentist separately; Therefore, choosing a good specialist will make the problems and complications of this method less profitable. These problems include the following:

● The cost of this method is higher than other methods of tooth replacement such as fixed dentures or removable dentures. For example, the cost of implanting a tooth using this method will cost you about four million to six million tomans. Of course, this tooth rate is for April of the year 99. Certainly the cost of this method will increase annually.

مع Another disadvantage of implant tooth implantation is its time-consuming nature. You will have to wait at least 4 to 9 months to do this.

این Since this procedure is a surgery, it therefore has all the risks associated with surgery. For example, your tooth may become infected or rejection after your operation. In this case, you need to replace it. Of course, there is nothing to worry about. Because this method has the least failure.

انجام After performing this treatment, you need to visit the dentist periodically for examinations so that the dentist examines your teeth regularly.

You may have nerve damage during surgery. This problem is accompanied by pain, numbness, tingling in your lips and gums.

Sinus problems are another thing that may happen to you in this treatment. For example, an implant placed in your upper jaw may come out of your sinus cavities.

The cost of dental implants

If you plan to treat your teeth with implants, you should know that the cost and price depends on your dental condition; Therefore, it is not possible to say a fixed price for treatment for all people. For this purpose, it is first necessary for a specialist doctor to visit you. Then determine the price of your treatment based on the condition of your teeth. Factors that affect the final price of this treatment include the following:

● If your treatment is done by a specialist or general dentist, the cost of your treatment will be different.

نیاز If you need a bone graft, the cost of your treatment will increase.

● If your treatment requires sinus augmentation, the cost of treatment will vary.

● The type of brand implanted can affect the cost of treatment.

● The country of manufacture of the implant also affects the cost of treatment. It will be up to you to choose the country of manufacture.

Therefore, the reason for the high cost of this treatment compared to other traditional dental treatments is related to the cost of implants, prosthetic parts along with the cost of laboratory. Ordinary dental veneers cost less than this amount.

Applications of dental implants to treat dental problems

This treatment is a great alternative to your natural teeth.

 Some doctors use this method to support dentures. Some doctors also use this implant method to help with other implant processes. This is because the basic stability of this method is very high. As a result, it can be a great support for dentures.

 If all of your teeth have been damaged by decay or some gum disease, it is best to use this method to replace all of your teeth.

 Some dentists use implants to move teeth in orthodontic treatments. The attachment of the mini-implant to the jawbone causes the teeth to move. After the dentist's treatment, you can remove the rod from your jaw.

To do this treatment, the implants are placed in areas of your bone that are well-strengthened.

The final word

In this article, we talked about implant treatment for dental implants. The advantages of this method are very high compared to other traditional methods, and you will not have to worry about this issue in case of dental problems. Because with a comfortable treatment you can get the original beauty of your teeth.

The high compatibility of this method with your teeth is one of the features that will not make you regret this surgery. If you have any questions or comments, you can share your comments with us under this post so that we can answer your questions, dear ones.