Dental implant repair
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Dental implant repair
Oct 17, 2021
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If your dental implant has a problem, it is best to use your specialist dentist instead of self-medication. This is because any negligence can cause you more serious problems. You may need to have your dental implant repaired after a dental examination. Now, if you have a question about whether dental implants can be repaired or not, it is better to follow us in the continuation of this article.


Dental implant repair

People who have had a dental implant may need to have it repaired in certain circumstances. But there is no need to worry. This is because it is not always the case and it rarely happens that your dental implant needs to be repaired. Because one of the positive features of dental implants is their high durability; Therefore, implant restoration is not common and your teeth need very little restoration.

But if your dental implant has a problem, it is better to see your dentist and share your problem with him instead of neglecting it. Of course, it is better to use a skilled specialist. Because the success of this surgery depends on your dentist. Also, using the best facilities and equipment will minimize the failure rate of this surgery.

Of course, by following all these principles, you may need to repair your dental implant. Because some causes can cause problems with your dental implant.

Loosening of dental implants

One of the problems with dental implants is that they become loose. This problem may occur due to some factors such as bone resorption, poor oral hygiene, infection, the occurrence of certain diseases, etc. The sooner you know about this, the sooner your problem will be resolved. One of the most common treatments for these problems is to repair or replace a dental implant; So you can save your dental implants with these strategies.

Of course, if you have one of the above problems, your tooth is accompanied by pain, bleeding with the tooth touching, discoloration of the gum tissue around the implant tooth. If you ignore any of these symptoms, you may have bigger problems. For example, your teeth may become infected and the infection may spread to other teeth.

As a result, after a while, other parts of your body may be damaged and even a tooth infection may enter your bloodstream; Therefore, we suggest that you see a dentist immediately if you notice any symptoms so that he or she can take the necessary steps for you if you need a dental implant repair.

Non-welding of dental implants

Another problem that can cause your implant teeth to need repair is that the implant base does not weld well. One of the most important steps in the implant implantation process is the implantation of the tooth base. Since this base acts as the root of the tooth, it should screw well into the jawbone. As a result, after a while, this screw will stick to your gums.

To perform these steps, the dentist will surgically open your gums so that he can access your jawbone. After reaching the jawbone, using a dental drill, it pierces your jawbone so that it can place a fixture or base. After placing the base inside your jawbone, the gums are sutured.

After this surgery, it takes between 5 to 7 months for the jawbone and base bone to heal well. After this time, the soft tissue of your gums covers the area around the base well. Of course, this time for the upper and lower jaw may be slightly different. Because the upper jaw has soft gingival tissue; So it takes longer to boil well.

Now, after this time, the maxilla and the base of the implant may not fuse well. This will cause the base of your dental implant to loosen and you will need to repair the dental implant.

Causes of non-welding of dental implants

Reasons for this problem may be one of two:

Insufficient skill of the surgeon: If the surgeon is not skilled enough to place the base, your implant may loosen after a while. This is because the height of the hole did not match the depth of the screw enough, or the base may be tilted at your jawbone.

Poor dental hygiene: If your dentist is skilled enough to perform this surgery, but you do not take the necessary care, the base of the implant will loosen after a while.


Implant coating damage

Another common problem in dental implant surgery is breaking the implant cover. Poor oral hygiene after treatment can cause such damage to your implant. For example, after dental surgery, your dentist will ask you to avoid eating hard solids. Because an implanted tooth needs care like a natural tooth, using it as a tool may cause it to break or crack.

If you do not follow these tips and damage the denture, you will need to repair the dental implant. Of course, sometimes your problem may be solved only by bonding the damaged tooth. Otherwise, it is better to replace or replace the implant cover. The high cost along with the long course of treatment are some of the problems that may make you tired; Therefore, we suggest that you take the necessary care after dental surgery.

Implant tooth restoration method
If for one of the above reasons the base of your implant is damaged, you need to repair it. For this purpose, it is better to see a dental surgeon first. More serious problems may occur if you do not see a dentist. For example, your dental implants may disappear altogether.
The dentist will determine the extent of your problem by performing the necessary examinations. Is your implant completely damaged or not? Is your denture damaged? If the denture or crown is damaged, the dentist can fix your problem without surgery, just by removing the crown or replacing it with a new crown.
Otherwise, if your dental implant is damaged, it means that the base inside your jawbone is loose; Therefore, you need to repair a dental implant. For this purpose, the dentist removes your crown and veneer to examine the base of your tooth. If your problem is not acute, you can fix the problem at this stage.
Otherwise, the treatment period must be restarted by removing the base. In such cases, a bone graft is performed, which can make the healing process several months longer than before.
Important points when repairing implant teeth
If your implant tooth needs to be repaired, it is best to follow these tips:
• It is better not to manipulate your surgical site.
Brush your teeth with a soft, soft toothbrush.
Try to rinse your mouth 2 to 3 times a day with salt water.
• Get enough rest.
• If you have severe and unbearable pain, we recommend using an ice pack.
We also recommend that you follow a special diet to improve the healing of dental implants faster. Because your dentures may be damaged, it is best to minimize contact with the implant when eating; Therefore, we recommend that you avoid solid foods. Eating very soft foods in the opposite direction of your teeth will make your implants heal faster.
The final word
In this article, we talked about the problems that lead to implant restoration. In case of problems, it is better to use the best clinic and the best specialists and the latest equipment and facilities to have a successful surgery and less need for tooth restoration. Also, following some tips after a dental implant will help make your dental implant successful.